House Rules

1. Be Aware

  • This is a member only facility

If your membership is delinquent today, then today your workout is too.

Guests must pay a $5 fee and sign a waiver prior to working out

  • Gym Lockers, unless rented, are for daily use only.
  • Safe and optimum workout temperature is 68 – 88 degrees depending on outdoor temperature.  Thus, the thermostat is controlled by staff only.
  • Children 10 and under must be in the Kid Zone unless participating in a structured workout program;
  • Injuries can occur when working out, thus:

Closed toed shoes must be worn

Collars on free weights must be used

Weights must be returned to rack after each use



2. Be Courteous


  • Towels are supplied – please wipe your sweat from equipment after each use
  • Please return towels before departing the gym
  • Allow other gym members to work in when using equipment.  Don’t sit and talk on the equipment
  • Limit showers and cardio duration during busy times
  • If you are strong enough to lift it, you are strong enough to re-rack it.



3. Be Careful

  • Don't drop weights; dropping weights on the floor can cause injury to yourself or others and can also damage the equipment.
  • You must be at least 15 years old to work out without parent or trainer supervision.
  • The parking lot creates opportunity for thieves and vandals.  Lock your valuables and be aware of your surroundings, especially at dark.



4. Be Mindful

  • BONA welcomes and rewards referrals – Help us grow by telling others
  • Personal Trainers – Improve the speed of your results and the quality of your heath – inquire about a complimentary session.
  • Energy is shared – yours affects others positively or negatively. – Be positive!
  • Our staff is here to make sure you feel better walking out than you did walking in.  Let us know how and when we can help.



5. Be Respectful

  • Shirts must be worn
  • TV and radio stations must be changed by management only
  • Boys 5 and over are not permitted in the women’s restroom



6. Be Responsible

  • Scan your membership card when entering the facility, report those who don’t
  • Be mindful of all your belongings and the belongings of others.   If it is yours, lock it up or pick it up.  If it is not yours leave it alone or turn it in.