Memberships and Services at BONA Fitness


  • Memberships
    • Individual - $35/mo.
    • Family (Add On) - $20/mo.
    • 24 Hour Access - $50/mo.
    • 24 Hour Family - $35/mo.
    • Independent Trainers - $50/mo.


  • Personal Services
    • InBody- Body Composition Analysis - $25 for members, $50 for guests 
    • Wellness DNA Testing
    • Nutrition/Supplementation Consultations and Lectures (Call or email for details) 
    • Functional Movement Assessment 
    • HIPAA Compliant Science Based Vitamin Assessment 


Join our new Business Burn workout class!

  • The Business Burn is a quick 45 minute lunch time group workout created specifically for busy professionals looking to find a balance between a healthy lifestyle and all of life's demands. 
  • The Business Burn meets Tuesday, Wednesday, and Fridays each week at 10:00 am-10:45 am AND 11:00 am-11:45 am.





  • After School
    • Tutorial/Workout Program (Grades 3rd – 8th Monday - Thursdays) – $150/Mo (Scholarships Available) 
  • Leadership Camps
    • Summer 1 Week Camp 


For more information on memberships, training, and services please call us at 713-977-BONA or please email us at or